Resistance & Addiction

What we resist persists

– Carl Yung

Resistance is similar to fighting, opposing, standing against, going against, condemnation, and judgment. Some modern examples of this include: The War on Drugs.  War on Terrorism.  Warring political parties.  Opposing religions.  Religion versus Science Mentality. Racial and Ethnic wars.  Fighting to control the lifestyles and personal choices of other individuals, communities, and countries.

Question.  What do I resist?  What do humans resist individually and collectively?

Response.  We resist what is forced upon us.  We resist what we do not understand.  We resist the natural flow of life, most notably, we fear death.

Question. Why do we fear death?

Response.  From our perspective, we believe that if there is a beginning, there must be an end.  If there is birth, there must be death. In general, we fear what we do not understand.  Death is one of the least understood topics throughout all cultures, even though it is one of the few observable constants for all life.  We fear separation.  We fear being lost. We fear abandonment. We fear being finished, over, and done.

Question.  Fear of death, separation, and abandonment from what?

Response.  Existence, Life, that “which is”, God.

We cope with this fear with addiction and attachment to drugs.  We are all drug addicts.

Question.  That is an extreme statement and I don’t believe you.  How are we all drug addicts?

Response.  All behaviors and emotions, at their base level are chemical reactions.  Thus all chemical reactions and emotions are drugs.  Whether they be gluttony, road rage, ignorance, heroine, sensuality, arrogance, dominance, money, power, praise of man, gratification of the senses or the emotional roller coaster of drama,  we all seek to enjoy a little more of life (one last emotional/chemical/drug high) before we die and the end comes.

It does not matter if you are a small addict or a massive addict, whether your addiction is known by all or hidden in the closet.  It does not matter if your addiction destroys your life (drugs) or if it destroys the life of others (alcoholic, workaholic, anger-aholic, pity-aholic, self-righteous-aholic. etc). We are all addicts and the first step in healing ourselves individually and collectively is to admit the condition, and accept responsibility for our condition.

Religion, governments, cultures, individuals and society create what they resist and oppose.  The following are some of the side effects from our War(resistance) with the natural process of life and fear of death: Over consumption(Obesity and a society of consuming materialists).  Hoarding of resources (Vast disparity between the wealthy and the poverty stricken).  Pride, lies, murder, genocide, rape, control, manipulation, abuse, deception, etc.  These are just a few of the more obvious side effects of humanity resisting that “which is” and forcing our will upon any/all that they can in order to satisfy our personal desires.

Question. Is this curable?

Response.  Yes.  For thousands of years, Masters from many paths have claimed to teach the way of salvation, enlightenment, evolution, perfection, or some similar description.  In our era, the dispensation of the fullness of times, there is another path, the path of many masters, a path which provides freedom from addiction to behaviors, emotions, habits, fears, and more. But is has to begin with a new belief, a new seed.

Question.  What is the new belief or seed?

Response. That we are all capable of change, progression, evolution, enlightenment, and salvation from duality (birth/death, heaven/hell, good/bad, self/non-self) Regardless of where, how, or to whom we were born, we are all human and thus one and the same.fractal anajata