What is Daystar Yoga about?Daystar Yoga is about conscious participation in the human evolution, transcendental (progressing beyond or returning home dualism) enlightenment, & spiritual salvation (from ego & the beliefe in isolation & death) for all peoples, paths, & perspectives.The following dialogue is a quick introduction:
Question: Have you ever thought that the many wisdom paths, spiritual traditions, and intellectual perspectives are all pieces of truth/Truth, as best as language and understanding permit, are actually different pieces of a common, complete, unified TRUTH?

Response: I don’t know. No. Yes.

Question: Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone was willing to combine truths from the many masters of science, religion, theology, physics, psychology, mysticism, traditional Western medicine, holistic Eastern medicine, and other wisdom paths?

Response: I don’t know. No. Yes.

Question: Is it even possible for someone to do that if their current world view has been influenced heavily by family, society, established religious norms, mass media, genetics, cultural expectations, etc.?

Response: Yes, it is.

Question: How?

Response: I cannot speak for all; however, I can share what I have experienced and learned when I asked these questions and then acted upon what I heard, saw, and felt Charles Darwin spent years researching, documenting, and observing various species within nature from around the planet. He concluded, based on his observations, that species are capable of evolution, progression, adaptation, and change within the sphere of their creation. Charles Darwin had roots in religion and was a spiritual man. He had difficulty reconciling his beliefs about God, the Creator, with his experience with God as he observed life and nature.

I have chosen a similar path, only the species I have observed, studied, and experienced have been the various sub-species of humans (i.e. Religions, wisdom traditions, scientific perspectives, theologies, cultures.) It is my experience and observation that humanity is evolving towards an enlightened state of consciousness.

The various progressive, evolutionary, and cultural differences within the sub-species of humanity are not contradictory, rather complimentary. Viewing from a larger perspective of “humanity as a whole” allows the concepts of time based evolution and divine creation to be consolidated, combined, and reconciled that they coincide succinctly. It is not necessary for all to adapt the same unified vision of humanity, for in this new world view, all are capable of creating their own reconciled vision of humanity that interconnects neatly as a piece of the puzzle.

As Darwin was unable to observe every species and give an all inclusive, accepted by all, report on his finding, I have not been able to observe and experience every sub-species of humanity.

What I have found, I am willing to share, taking into consideration the many filters and imperfections I have. I will attempt to convey a modern perspective of the picture of humanity using many colors, brush strokes, and artistic techniques from east to west, north to south, affluent to poor, from what makes logical sense to what intuitively feels right.

Enjoy the Journey!


People with very little realization often want to tell everyone about the insights they have experienced, the bliss and subtleties of their meditation, and how it has radically transformed their life. But those who are truly steeped in realization do not feel compelled to advertise it, and instead simply dwell in that realization. They are concerned not to describe their own progress, but to direct the awareness of others to ways in which their own hearts and minds can be awakened.

B. Alan Wallace


Teach [mankind] correct principles and
they will govern themselves

Joseph Smith